Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Golden Lion Mint

This is a write up of Golden Lion Mint, a gold and silver dealer and explains who the Golden Lion Mint are and what they deal in. It is well worth a read before you decide to buy any gold from Golden Lion Mint.

As always, we recommend one does one’s own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer.

Who are Golden Lion Mint
Golden Lion Mint is a recent company founded by Peter Ragnar, of Roaring Lion Publishing. Through Roaring Lion Publishing, Ragnar publishes books on anti aging and a healthy physical lifestyle designed to increase the health of the body and improve its longevity.

Ragnar founded the Golden Lion Mint company on the basis of a philosophy of financial safety. Reasoning that, in times of economic uncertainty, gold and silver still hold their value and can be used as a financial safety net as well as a way of preserving ones assets.

The website was registered in mid 2008.

Golden Lion Mint Products
Gold Lion Mint primarily sell gold and silver bullion bars. These are pure 24 karat gold in .9999 percent fine and silver in .999. These are in the form of ten ounce bars of gold as well as ten ounce and fifty ounce silver bars.

At this time Golden Lion Mint is offering half ounce and one ounce gold rounds. These are like gold coins but are not official U.S. coins so cannot be used for circulation or currency. All the gold bars are polished to a beautiful finish and are engraved with the Golden Lion Mint™ image

Golden Lion Mint also sell the One Ounce Avalon Silver Rounds coins.

How Much is a Golden Lion Mint Gold Bar
It will vary, based on the current spot or buy price of gold. Golden Lion Mint charges 14 to 15 percent over the spot price for gold. There is also a fabrication fee as well as handling, shipping, and insurance fees, which should all be factored in the overall price of the gold or silver bullion. This is all established with you when you order. The price is discussed and any additional costs, such as shipping, fabrication insurance, etc, is established. Then, when the price is agreed upon, it is locked in.

Delivery is currently running at 3 months. It should be noted that there is no interest paid on the bars while they are being minted.

What is a Golden Lion Pride Account
Golden Lion Mint has a special account for clients which will be starting shortly called a Golden Lion Pride Account.

According to the website, "Instantly, you can turn your eroding paper money into what it was once promised to have – a precious metals backing. What this means for you is that every dollar you invest in your Golden Lion Pride Account will be matched in value in solid gold or silver held in our secure, insured bullion bank."

Once you have a Golden Lion Pride account set up you will be able to add to it in any amount you choose. If you sent, for example, $1000 to be added to your account, then your order would be activated during normal market hours and applied toward the purchase of your bars of gold or silver.

Further details are available online and presumably when the system has been set up.

How to Buy Gold from Golden Lion Mint
The minimum investment is 2500 US dollars. There is a premium of 14 to 15 percent over the spot price for gold but you can nominate the bars you would like. If you buy gold or silver and the total cost is less than your payment, then the remaining funds will be credited to your account.

This credit can then be applied to another purchase of gold or silver bullion or simply refunded back to you.

Golden Lion Mint will also store your gold and silver bullion, purchased from them, by arrangement but prefers to deliver to you. There is a monthly fee for this service.

How to Sell Golden Lion Mint Gold Bullion
Gold Lion Mint will buy gold or silver bullion on the basis that the gold is .9999 pure and silver .999 pure and that the bullion is Comex recognized. The reason for this is that they are then suitable for re-minting and/or resale.

Last Word on Golden Lion Mint
Golden Lion Mint has a privacy policy where each purchase is private and Golden Lion Mint do not keep any credit card of social security number records.

And, of course, If you have bought and gold or silver coins from, then please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of their service and products including any complaints and special attention or service given by