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Northwest Territorial Mint

IMPORTANT NOTICE 4th of April 2016 :

NW Territorial Mint Seeks Bankruptcy Protection


Northwest Territorial Mint is a supplier of precious metals such as
silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in bullion and coin form.

Who is Northwest Territorial Mint
Founded in 1984, Northwest Territorial Mint has become the largest
private mint in the United States, employing over 200 precious metals
specialists. As the company has grown over the years, so has the scope
of its operations. Its 118,000-square-foot state-of-the-art minting
facility is located in Dayton, Nevada, while the Bullion Sales
Division is located in Federal Way, Washington. Northwest Territorial
Mint also maintains locations in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Springfield,
Virginia; and at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Northwest Territorial Mint, in addition to supplying gold and silver
bullion, also designs and creates an impressive range of die-struck
coins, medallions, knives, and related products of high quality and
craftsmanship for individuals, private clubs and groups, businesses,
and government entities around the world, including all branches of
America's armed forces.

Northwest Territorial Mint is first and foremost, a mint. They have a
deep understanding of precious metals that most sellers of gold and
silver bullion simply do not possess. They make art, and produce
custom made dies and moulds. They not only melt silver, but pour it,
extrude it, blank it, and strike it on one of three-dozen coin
presses. Coins can be finished with enamel, antiquing, or polishing.

The wide ranging skill and capabilities of Northwest Territorial Mint
not only separate it from most gold and silver dealers, but make it
truly one of the most unique privately owned mints in the entire

Northwest Territorial Mint products are presented as unique awards,
bestowed as prestigious gifts, and enjoyed as one-of-a-kind keepsakes
and souvenirs.

Northwest Territorial Mint Customer Service
Northwest Territorial Mint (NWTM) maintains a comprehensive network of
resources enabling them to manage quick turnaround times in
manufacturing and meet client deadlines. NWTM is the largest private
full-service mint in the country with a reputation for consistent
quality and unmatched customer service.

NWTM state their shipping policy is to ship orders promptly and on
their website it states, "We pride ourselves on reputable service and
our integrity in the marketplace. We have no hidden charges or fees
and we would like to be your bullion dealer in the future, and work
hard to make that happen."

NWTM’s Buy-Back policy (also called a voluntary liquidation), ensures
you always have a market for your paid bullion orders. At any time
after you’ve fully paid your order, even if it’s before you’ve
received delivery of your bullion, you can sell your order back to
NWTM at the current market rate (posted on the NWTM website as its
“buy” price).

They do provide comprehensive information about gold and silver,
history and uses and so forth. One may apply request a free Investor

The NWTM bullion desk has a very extensive range of silver, gold,
palladium, and platinum products. These include the standard gold
coins you find from many other mints and dealers, such as:

American Gold Eagle
American Gold Buffalo
British Sovereigns
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold
Pre-1933 US Coins
Vienna Philharmonic
South African Krugerrand

Northwest Territorial Mint also sells a variety of gold bars including
trusted brands such as PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux)
and Credit Suisse, as well as products hallmarked by the Royal
Canadian Mint. These are offered at a lower premium over the spot
price than gold bullion coins.

The consumer may purchase in quantity as small as 1g from the online
store, paying for shipping and insurance depending on the size of the
order; purchases in excess of five ounces of gold receive free
shipping and insurance, as well as quantity discounts. If you are
looking for a smaller quantity, you can go to their online store
however and buy one-ounce gold bars with a higher markup than the
'just above spot' five one-ounce gold bars. You should note that,
"Actual delivered product may be either the Swiss PAMP, Credit Suisse,
or JM bar." This is evidently dependent upon stocks available. Each
are equally good gold, of course.

Buy Silver from Northwest Territorial Mint
Northwest Territorial Mint also sell silver, of course, and do a range
of silver coins as well as silver bars and even 90% silver bags
(sometimes called junk silver).

The full range of silver products is as follows:

Pan American Bullion (silver rounds and silver bars)
Northwest Territorial Mint Bullion, such as silver rounds and silver
bars, and its “divisible” Stagecoach silver.
American Silver Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf Silver
90% Silver Bags
Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
100 oz Silver Bars
1000 oz Silver Bars

The silver bars are Pan American bars, Northwest Territorial Mint
bars, or Stagecoach silver “divisible” bars with a clean finish and a
low over spot premium. In addition, 1000 oz. Johnson Matthey and 100
oz Johnson Matthey and Engelhard bars can be had.

There is a wide range of platinum and palladium coins, rounds and
bullion bars also.

Northwest Territorial Mint Payment Options
NWTM does not require that you sign up for an account before you can
buy gold, silver, palladium, or platinum from them. The price of the
gold is established prior to purchase by phone only, due to the
varying price of gold in the market, and this is then 'fixed' or

NWTM then expect funds to be issued to pay for the purchase prior to
shipping with all checks postmarked within 48 hours of placing the

For purchases from the Bullion Department, payment by checks is held
for 10 days before shipping, wire transfers which are considered good
by the following day, cashier’s checks and money orders both of which
are held for five days. Smaller online store purchases may be made
with credit card.

There is no charge for shipping, handling, and insurance on orders
meeting the Northwest Territorial Mint minimum. Smaller orders from
the online store carry the following charges:

• $10 for orders totaling less than $250
• $20 for orders of $250 to $400
• $30 for orders over $400

This is quite cheap for internal delivery in the US, especially for
higher valued gold and silver bullion. Of course higher charges will
be made for international deliveries.

As the NWTM Bullion Sales Division is located in Washington State they
are not required to collect any sales tax on order, good news for
those where sales tax is an issue.

The above payment options apply to all the following.

NWTM bullion prices
NWTM gold prices
NWTM silver prices
NWTM gold price
NWTM silver price
NWTM gold coin prices
NWTM palladium price
NWTM platinum price

Sell Gold to Northwest Territorial Mint
You can sell gold or silver to Northwest Territorial Mint and they
will pay a reasonable price, sometimes under spot. Its buy prices are
always posted on its website in real-time.

If you live in the area you can drive to their facility and sell on
the spot without any appointment. Otherwise you will have to ship the
gold or silver and you will then be responsible for shipping and
insurance costs.

On selling to Northwest Territorial Mint, they do point out, “We are
always looking for new inventory and do accept trade-ins."

Northwest Territorial Mint urges its customers to perform their own
research prior to making any purchase. Its representatives are not
paid on commission and provide information objectively. We
additionally recommend you consult with your own financial advisor
prior to making any transaction in gold or silver or palladium or

Again to sell to Northwest Territorial Mint you should ring first and
lock in your price before shipment.

It is well to keep in mind also that if you lock in a price and then
change your mind or do not ship the gold or silver or other precious
metal and there is a subsequent price difference in your favor you
will be expected by the mint to make up their short fall. This comes
under their Purchase Order Cancellation Policy.

An example of why it is always vital to read all the conditions and
terms of agreement with any company buying and selling gold through
the internet.

In any transaction with Northwest Territorial Mint you will receive a
transaction number which you should retain and be able to quote
anytime needed.

Northwest Territorial Mint Security
Northwest Territorial Mint states that they keep all transactions
confidential, and do not report to any 3rd parties, except to satisfy
government cash reporting requirements for dealers under federal

They also have a GSA contract (# GS-07F-0260L) and are a preferred
supplier to the government, primarily of medals, medallions and other

GSA stands for Goods and Services Administration and basically means
that that supplier has a contract to deliver goods or services to the

NWTM has been a preferred GSA provider since 2001.

The Last Word on Northwest Territorial Mint give, on their contact page, payment information,
phone numbers, postal and actual address and even a Google map to find
its bullion offices in WA, USA.

All in all Northwest Territorial Mint is a productive mint with a
contract to supply the government armed forces with a comprehensive
range of medals, medallions, commemorative coins, the usual supply of
gold coins and bars and standard silver coins and bars as well as
their own brand of silver coins.

They are members of the;

International Precious Metals Institute
American Numismatic Association
Industry Council for Tangible Assets
Washington Coin and Bullion Association

They have grown from being a tiny company to a large well established
manufacturing plant and are obviously here for the long term.

If you have bought gold or silver or any other precious metal from please feel free to leave your feedback on the
quality of service and products

Monday, February 25, 2008


Check out this write up of Kitco before you buy gold and silver from them.

Kitco came out of the blue in 1977 and have become one of the biggest gold and silver suppliers in the world today but just how reliable are Kitco with their prolific and up-to-date precious metal charts?

Many people and businesses make use of their kitco charts and precious metal prices. But does that make them a good and trustworthy supplier? The information supplied may bring many people to their website, but is this simply to get more people to buy gold and silver from their website?

Who are Kitco?
The kitco company was started in 1977 by Bart Kitner from his then Peel Street Montréal Apartment in Canada with a 700 dollar loan and a big vision.

Kitco expanded and in 1983, Bart moved Kitco from his apartment into its first corporate building. Then in 1989 Kitco settled into its present building in Cathcart Street Montréal. Kitco arrived on the internet in 1995 and has, since then, become a major global retailer of precious metals.

Although are probably more known for their Kitco charts and kitco live quotes, Kitco also offers a complete line of high quality gold and silver bullion bars and gold coins and silver coins for investors. Also they offer refining services for the jewelry manufacturing industry, including mill products.

Kitco customers rely on kitco for superior service and the highest quality products at competitive prices. Kitco serves the needs of both small and large investors, as well as the precious metals industry. Various sources provide the information for the gold and silver price including the kitco lme, or London metals exchange price fixes. Kitco establish the price of kitco gold from these sources and is that upon which their prices of gold and silver are based.

From their web site you can access for free the standard kitco chart. Also kitco live quotes and kitco base metal quotes. In fact all precious metals.

Other services offered include:
kitco precious metals
kitco gold chart
kitco live quotes
kitco base metal
kitco copper pricing
kitco live market
kitco London fix
kitco gold news
kitco spot gold price
Of interest to us is the kitco 24 hour spot gold chart and kitco live gold prices.

Kitco are also associated with, a website of Doug Casey. They seem to place a lot of stock in Doug Casey and his gold and silver natural resource stock reports and share analysis.

Kitco Customer Service
To buy gold or buy silver from you need a kitco account.
It is easy enough to open an account on the website and kitco will sell you gold or silver from their rang of products once you have an account.

They also, interestingly, sell GoldMoney and have a comprehensive outline of what Gold Money is and how to order on line. Kitco is the only authorized reseller of GoldMoney

Buy Gold from Kitco
The kitco gold and silver range is very extensive and diverse. Here is a list of the Kitco Product Range. With the product range is the current kitco gold prices and kitco silver prices. These change on a daily basis with the changes in the kitco current gold price. This product range includes gold bars, silver bars, gold coins, silver coins, and even platinum coins. Kitco is available on a 24/7.365 basis of course on line and by phone during business hours.

You must have an account when buying gold or silver from kitco. This is easy to set up and takes just a few minutes.

Here is a list of gold, silver and platinum available from kitco. All prices are in USD.
Gold Eagle 1 oz
Gold Eagle 1/2 oz
Gold Eagle 1/4 oz
Gold Eagle 1/10 oz
Gold Maple 1 oz
Special Gold Maple 5 X 9 pure 1 oz
Gold Buffalo 1 oz
Gold Maple 1/2 oz
Gold Maple 1/4 oz
Gold Maple 1/10 oz
Gold Maple 1/20 oz
Gold Krugerrand 1 oz
Gold Bar 400 oz
Gold Bar 10 oz
Gold Bar 1 oz
Kitco Gold Bar 1 oz
Gold Bar 1000 grams
Kitco ChipGold 1gram
Kitco ChipGold 5 grams
Kitco ChipGold 10 grams
Kitco ChipGold 20 grams
Silver Eagle 1 oz
Silver Maple 1 oz
Silver Bar 1000 oz
Silver Bar 100 oz
Platinum Eagle 1 oz
Platinum Eagle 1/2 oz
Platinum Eagle 1/4 oz
Platinum Eagle 1/10 oz
Palladium Maple 1 oz
Kitco Pooled Accounts
A Pool Account is basically a precious metal account deposit in which the client does not have title to specific (allocated) bars or coins. It is an unallocated storage, usually of gold or silver. The client instead owns a defined unsegmented interest in a pool of precious metals held by Kitco. The client is entitled to receive physical bullion in the form of any type bar or coin normally carried by Kitco upon payment of quoted fabrication charges. These can be expensive however. Kitco pool accounts are similar to others, such as the Perth Mint or and many others.

All gold and silver pools perform the same purpose and all are subject to the same degree of security in terms of gold. Pool accounts can sometimes be used to supply bars and coins when there is a short fall in stock due to over demand in actual gold and silver delivery which means that if there is a run on gold or silver from that particular pool then the pool management may be hard put to supply enough gold to cover all physical deliveries.

This was pointed out by Ted Butler, "… In simple terms, these are purely paper promises or bookkeeping-only entries that are sold as an alternative for owning the specifically earmarked real silver of segregated or unallocated type accounts. For illustrative purposes, an example of a pool type account would be and for unallocated certificates the Perth Mint of Australia But they are not the only examples."
BUYER BEWARE by Theodore Butler [01/30/2007]

The attractiveness is perhaps that it is a cheaper way of jumping on the gold or silver bandwagon. But again, like anything else, one gets what one pays for.

Kitco Payment Options
Kitco policy is that all payments to Kitco must be either by certified check, cashiers check, postal money order or direct wired of funds. All orders over $50,000.00 must be paid by bank wire only. In this case instructions will be sent by e-mail along with the order confirmation. All payment should be dated within 24 hours of your order confirmation, and must be received by kitco within seven days. Be aware that Kitco reserves the right to cancel orders that do not meet both these requirements. Kitco also does not accept C.O.D. orders or credit card payment for bullion products over the Internet.

When you buy gold or silver always ensure you get a price by phone first before you commit yourself. All prices over the phone will be recorded and the recording kept for security and establishment purposes. Ensure that you make accurate notes including time date, who you spoke to and what was confirmed as regards price and delivery.

Sell Gold to Kitco
Kitco will buy gold and silver from you. The price varies depending on the spot price of gold and silver at the time they buy. The kitco buy price is around 1.5 under the spot price which is better than many gold and silver dealers.

Kitco also buys gold and silver jewelry. For example 14k gold has a price somewhat less than 24k gold of course and, again, is just under the spot price.

To sell gold or silver to kitco you need to go to the packing slip page and fill out the details.

To sell gold or silver bullion, you go direct to the bullion packing slip page and you can add up to 8 items which you can select from a drop down box on the page.

You can either establish a price for the gold or silver prior to sending in the packing slip, at which point the information would be entered on the packing slip with a transaction number or you can rely on Kitco to do that for you by them looking at the market value when the goods are received and processed by kitco.

The item should be sent by registered and insured mail to kitco and an address is provided for this purpose after you have filled out the packing slip. Where you send the item will depend on where you live.

The same applies to refined metal but the packing slip is different and covers jewelry gold and silver in the various karats. And amounts.

Kitco Security
The purchase system is secured by Thawte and you can see, when you go to the checkout and through the payment systems that the https is present and authenticated by Thawte security systems. Kitco do not accept credit cards so the potential fraud is much less.

There are privacy policies and full terms and conditions. Usually somewhat boring but you would be well advised to read through it, especially if you are going to buy or sell gold or silver to kitco.

Last word on Kitco appear to be reliable and trustworthy. They have their full address and contact details available for all to see and anyone can call them by phone and have any questions answered.

Their address is:
620 Cathcart, Suite 900
Montreal, Quebec

They also have an office in the US at:

64 Lake Street, Suite 101
Rouses Point, New York
12979 USA

Kitco have spent a lot of time and effort to present what is , perhaps, one of the most well known and reliable sites on the internet today.

If you have bought gold or silver or any other precious metal from please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any kitco complaints.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is a write up of Monex, a gold and silver bullion dealer in the US. Before you buy gold from Monex Gold, it is a good idea to do some research about the Monex Deposit Company and find out more about them.

In addition, it is always a very wise move to do your own due diligence before you consider buying gold or silver from any gold or silver dealer, regardless of whom they are.

Who are Monex?
Monex started out as a small coin shop in Long Beach California during the 1960s when owning gold was prohibited by federal law. Over the years the business has expanded and is now a billion dollar company in turnover with over 120 employees. However, the Monex company, or more correctly, the Monex Group, is still a family business with the founder, and still existing chairman, Louis Carabini, with his son Michael Carabini, the CEO running the business. Michael Carabini's daughter is also starting out, as her father and his father before him did, behind the counter.

Monex Quality of Service
Each day opens its doors at 5.30am and continues right through the day to 4.30pm Pacific Time. This means they are open 11 hours a day. Most of their business is done by phone and the phone number is iterated many times across their website,, "… so customers from the East Coast to the West Coast, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, can transact business at convenient hours." This also enables monex to trade gold markets around the world such as Zurich, London, New York, Chicago, and Hong Kong for example.

Monex have installed an automated telephone system in order to process the phone calls they receive regarding monex precious metals, the monex gold price and monex silver price.

However, once a client has an account with Monex they are allocated their own account representative and, with his desk number, are able to bypass the switchboard system and connect directly.

Of course, the monex gold price and the monex silver price, for that matter, change on a regular basis as the spot gold price changes so it is important to lock in a buy or sell price with monex when doing a trade.

Monex will execute a trade while the client is on the phone and all trade confirmations are written up and issued, by mail, to the client by the following day.

Monex Product Range
Monex provides an up to date current gold price for all its gold coins and gold bars. There is a monex gold price and a monex silver price. This will vary with the change in the gold price daily. also offer an extensive range of gold and silver bullion including gold coins and gold bars as well as silver.

The bars, or ingots as monex calls them, are pure cast bullion ingots. Even the gold coins are defined as ingots by monex if they do not have a currency value.

The list of products is as follows:
Gold Bullion
Gold Vienna Philharmonics
Gold American Buffalos
Gold American Eagles
Gold Canadian Maple Leafs
Gold South African Krugerrands

Silver Bullion
90% Silver U.S. Coin Bag
40% Silver U.S. Coin Bag
Silver American Eagles
Silver Canadian Maple Leafs

Platinum Bullion
Platinum American Eagles
Platinum Canadian Maple Leafs
Palladium Bullion
Palladium Canadian Maple Leafs
You cannot buy gold or silver "online" with monex. It has to be done by phone.

How to Buy from Monex
To buy gold from you will have to open an account with them. After calling them and giving them your details and establishing your identity, monex will open an account and allocate you an account representative.

Once you have an account you simply call your account representative on the phone number you have been given and conduct a trade with them. The account representatives are generally helpful and patient and explain everything in great detail.

You have a number of choices when you buy gold or buy silver from monex.

You can take delivery of the gold or silver bullion. This is usually done by registered and insured US Mail. Or you can have your precious metal stored, on your behalf, in the bank or depository of your choice. You can also have store your gold bullion or silver bullion but you retain ownership and title of the precious metals of course.

Monex even run a special facility called an Atlas Account program where one can use investment leverage to finance your gold or silver with a percentage down. More on that in the section on the Monex Atlas Account next.

When you call to make a trade by phone, your account representative will confirm the purchase, price and transaction charges over the phone. A tape record is made and kept of the transaction details, including your acknowledgment of same, as it is the normal practice with any type of trading these days by phone, and a written confirmation of purchase is then mailed to you by the next business day.

Monex do insist that payment for the transaction is initiated on the day of purchase. That is the day you do the transaction by phone. Bank wire and overnight delivery of personal or bank checks are the payment methods required.

As soon as your payment is received and a holding period passed, the gold and or silver bullion you purchased is then shipped to you according to the requirements laid out in the initial transaction.

You can also sell your gold or silver back to monex with a phone call. In this case as soon as monex receives delivery of the precious metal they then forward a check to you for the agreed amount.

Monex Financing & Atlas Account also provide financing and loans. Monex runs and administers what they call The Monex Atlas Account. Through Monex Precious Metals (MDC) you are able to buy gold or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

The Monex Atlas Account is a precious metal financing and storage facility available to monex customers.

According to the website, "When your purchase is financed, or made as an all-cash purchase for storage, all of the goods you ordered will be delivered on your behalf to an independent bank or depository. Simultaneously with delivery, secure legal title is transferred to you. The books and records of the bank or depository will identify you as the owner until your metal is sold, or until you take personal delivery. The metal held for you is not an asset of any of the Monex companies, or of the bank or depository; as such, the security of your metal does not depend on their individual or collective financial condition."

Through the MCC, the monex deposit company or monex group offer finance and load options for up to 80 percent of the value of your precious metals

Monex also offer the Monex Atlas Account booklet, under their special offers, to explain how the system works for purchasing gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The booklet explains the different options available to buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium, in bullion and coin form. It explains also how you can buy precious metals on credit with a 20% down payment.

Monex "Gold Coins of the World"
Monex started out as a small coin dealer for coin collectors and still offers a "Gold Coins of the World" collection for people who would like to get started in coin collecting.

Each "Gold Coins of the World" set includes:
Gold Canadian Maple Leaf 1-oz. pure gold, .9999 fine
Gold American Eagle 1-oz. of pure gold, .9167 fine
Gold Vienna Philharmonic 1-oz. pure gold, .9999 fine
The Monex "Gold Coins of the World" collection is offered with a blue crushed velvet, jewelry-quality gift box and the price will vary according to the gold price of the day.

Monex Security
I could not locate any privacy statement or terms and conditions on the website. I also could not locate a site page or any search facility other than the menu on the left of the page.

For those clients who elect to have monex storage their precious metal, I could not locate any information as to where the clients gold or silver is stored or what security arrangements were in place to protect it. This information might only be provided to clients on an individual basis however, when they elect to have their assets stored by monex.

Although on the site it does state, "The books and records of the bank or depository will identify you as the owner until your metal is sold, or until you take personal delivery. The metal held for you is not an asset of any of the Monex companies, or of the bank or depository; as such, the security of your metal does not depend on their individual or collective financial condition."

Special Offers from Monex
Special Offers are also available on the website also. These are mostly DVDs and CDs giving basic information and write ups by various experts in the field, on the subject of gold bullion and investing. All basically promote the concept and idea of investing in gold and silver and, naturally, contain some useful tips and valuable insights from those experts.

To get any of the free DVDs or CDs one has to call monex by phone and speak to a representative. There is no ordering online. This is evidently designed to attract new clients. The selection of DVDs cover the following subjects:
DVD Featuring the Experts' Views on Gold
Gold Market DVD Program
DVD Featuring the Experts' Views on Silver
CD Seminar on Gold
Special Report on Silver
Introduction to Owning Precious Metals
A Great, Low-Cost Way to Get Started in Gold!
Comments on Monex
If you have bought gold or any other precious metal from please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any complaints or special attention service and given by

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American Gold Exchange and The Gold Coin Store

This write up of the American Gold Exchange and The Gold Coin Store, explains who they are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy gold from them.

As always, we recommend one does one's own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer.

Who Are American Gold Exchange
The American Gold Exchange, founded in 1998, is the main company and The Gold Coin Store is the e-commerce division. This means that you can buy a gold coin from The American Gold Exchange and also sell a gold coin to The American Gold Exchange as well as buy gold coins online from The Gold Coin Store.

The two websites are: and

Both stores sell a wide variety of gold coins, both old and new, local (US) and overseas.
The Gold Coin Store is also an authorized Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation dealer. They are also members of the Certified Coin Exchange, the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and the American Numismatic Association.

The principle company officers of the American Gold Exchange are Dana S. Samuelson who is the owner and President and Dr. Bill Musgrave, the Vice President.

Samuelson has been a personal protégé of James U. Blanchard III, one of the giants of the industry and the individual commonly thought to be most responsible for re-legalizing the private ownership of gold in the U.S, while Musgrave has held various positions in sales, marketing, and management with such companies as Procter & Gamble, Ziff-Davis, Lebhar-Friedman, and Miller-Freeman.

American Gold Exchange Customer Service
To order from the Gold Coin Store one simply selects the gold coins to buy and uses the shopping cart. To buy from the American Gold Exchange one simply rings on their toll free line to organize to guy gold.

One can also send a fax. Using their fax line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a minimum of $1000 per order when ordering from within Texas as there is a sales charge on Texan orders under $1000. Due to the small margins it is hardly worth while from their point of view.

They also do not ship outside the United States and its territories.

Once they receive your order they will confirm it by issuing an order confirmation number. Once the order confirmation number is issued they will ship your order via Registered U.S. Mail, insured for its full value at the agreed upon price when the order was placed.

They charge payment $20 for orders of $500 or less and $25 for orders over $500

American Gold Exchange Product Range

The American Gold exchange and their e-commerce online site, The Gold Coin Store have what is perhaps, the biggest range of gold coins in the US. They have hundreds of gold coins from all the major countries as well as a very large US rare and new US gold coins.

Here is just a brief outline of some of the coins available.
U.S Gold Coins
$20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins
$20 Liberty gold coins
$10 Liberty gold coins
$5 Liberty gold coins
$2.50 Liberty gold coins
$10 Indian gold coins
$5 Indian gold coins
$2.50 Indian gold coins

World Gold Coins
French Angel gold coins
French Rooster gold coins
Swiss Helvetia gold coins
British Sovereign gold coins, Victoria Old Head
British Sovereign gold coins, Edward VII
British Sovereign gold coins, George V
British Sovereign gold coins, Canada Mint
British Sovereign gold coins, India Mint
Netherlands 10 guilder gold coins
German 20 marks Wilhelm II gold coins
Russian 10 roubles gold coins
Russian 5 roubles gold coins
Belgian gold 20 francs, Albert I, Military Bust
Argentinean Gold "Argentino" 5 Pesos Liberty design
Cuban 5 Peso Jose Marti design
Cuban 10 Peso Jose Marti design
Saudi Arabian Gold Guineas
Hungary Gold 20 Korona, Franz Joseph I

U.S. Silver Dollars
Morgan silver dollars, S-mint
Morgan silver dollars, P-mint
Morgan silver dollars, O-mint
Morgan silver dollars, CC-mint
Peace silver dollars
American Gold Exchange Payment Options
Payment options include:
Postal money orders
Cashier’s checks
Personal checks
Most credit card orders will ship within 48 to 72 hours of receipt or order.

With postal money orders and cashier's checks the order is held until the funds clear, usually 3 days. With personal checks however, the item is held for 10 business days (two weeks) until the funds clear in their bank account

If paying by any method but credit card, you should mail payment within 48 hours to their P.O. Box in Austin, Texas.

Note The Gold Coin Store does not accept credit card payments for gold bullion purchases as the fee charged by the credit card companies usually exceeds the margin on bullion.

American Gold Exchange Guarantee
American Gold Exchange provide for a 14-day return privilege for full refund (less shipping) on all classic U.S. coins dated pre-1933, except for “Specials”. However, this return privilege is automatically waived for any order paid 14 days or longer after the original order date.

“Specials” and European gold coins come with a 14-day replacement privilege only. Due to market fluctuation and the prices for these coins fluctuate directly with the gold market, American Gold Exchange will not offer refunds.

Modern bullion coins are sold as they come from the mint and there is no return available for them either.

American Gold Exchange Options and Features

Shipping is through registered insured US Mail. This means that, when your gold is delivered, it must be signed for. It will not be left unless a signature is obtained.

American Gold Exchange Trade In
American Gold Exchange will buy gold coins from you and re-sell them on their Trade-in Blow-out (TIBO) scheme.

American Gold exchange indicate on their site, "TIBOs are "liquidation coins" we're selling at dealer-to-dealer prices as a service to our customers. Especially for bulk gold and silver investors, these items are exceptional values because they're priced well below retail. Plus, classic U.S. coins generally provide a premium over bullion in rising gold and silver markets because of their scarcity and status as collectibles."

The Last Word on American Gold Exchange
The American Gold Exchange have been around for over 10 years and seem to operate by having a high turn over and small margin on their gold coins. The prices are reasonable and there is just about about any gold coin to satisfy any collector or gold coin numismatist.

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