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American Gold Exchange and The Gold Coin Store

This write up of the American Gold Exchange and The Gold Coin Store, explains who they are and what they deal in and is well worth reading before you decide to buy gold from them.

As always, we recommend one does one's own due diligence before buying gold from any gold dealer.

Who Are American Gold Exchange
The American Gold Exchange, founded in 1998, is the main company and The Gold Coin Store is the e-commerce division. This means that you can buy a gold coin from The American Gold Exchange and also sell a gold coin to The American Gold Exchange as well as buy gold coins online from The Gold Coin Store.

The two websites are: and

Both stores sell a wide variety of gold coins, both old and new, local (US) and overseas.
The Gold Coin Store is also an authorized Professional Coin Grading Service and Numismatic Guarantee Corporation dealer. They are also members of the Certified Coin Exchange, the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, and the American Numismatic Association.

The principle company officers of the American Gold Exchange are Dana S. Samuelson who is the owner and President and Dr. Bill Musgrave, the Vice President.

Samuelson has been a personal protégé of James U. Blanchard III, one of the giants of the industry and the individual commonly thought to be most responsible for re-legalizing the private ownership of gold in the U.S, while Musgrave has held various positions in sales, marketing, and management with such companies as Procter & Gamble, Ziff-Davis, Lebhar-Friedman, and Miller-Freeman.

American Gold Exchange Customer Service
To order from the Gold Coin Store one simply selects the gold coins to buy and uses the shopping cart. To buy from the American Gold Exchange one simply rings on their toll free line to organize to guy gold.

One can also send a fax. Using their fax line, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is a minimum of $1000 per order when ordering from within Texas as there is a sales charge on Texan orders under $1000. Due to the small margins it is hardly worth while from their point of view.

They also do not ship outside the United States and its territories.

Once they receive your order they will confirm it by issuing an order confirmation number. Once the order confirmation number is issued they will ship your order via Registered U.S. Mail, insured for its full value at the agreed upon price when the order was placed.

They charge payment $20 for orders of $500 or less and $25 for orders over $500

American Gold Exchange Product Range

The American Gold exchange and their e-commerce online site, The Gold Coin Store have what is perhaps, the biggest range of gold coins in the US. They have hundreds of gold coins from all the major countries as well as a very large US rare and new US gold coins.

Here is just a brief outline of some of the coins available.
U.S Gold Coins
$20 Saint-Gaudens gold coins
$20 Liberty gold coins
$10 Liberty gold coins
$5 Liberty gold coins
$2.50 Liberty gold coins
$10 Indian gold coins
$5 Indian gold coins
$2.50 Indian gold coins

World Gold Coins
French Angel gold coins
French Rooster gold coins
Swiss Helvetia gold coins
British Sovereign gold coins, Victoria Old Head
British Sovereign gold coins, Edward VII
British Sovereign gold coins, George V
British Sovereign gold coins, Canada Mint
British Sovereign gold coins, India Mint
Netherlands 10 guilder gold coins
German 20 marks Wilhelm II gold coins
Russian 10 roubles gold coins
Russian 5 roubles gold coins
Belgian gold 20 francs, Albert I, Military Bust
Argentinean Gold "Argentino" 5 Pesos Liberty design
Cuban 5 Peso Jose Marti design
Cuban 10 Peso Jose Marti design
Saudi Arabian Gold Guineas
Hungary Gold 20 Korona, Franz Joseph I

U.S. Silver Dollars
Morgan silver dollars, S-mint
Morgan silver dollars, P-mint
Morgan silver dollars, O-mint
Morgan silver dollars, CC-mint
Peace silver dollars
American Gold Exchange Payment Options
Payment options include:
Postal money orders
Cashier’s checks
Personal checks
Most credit card orders will ship within 48 to 72 hours of receipt or order.

With postal money orders and cashier's checks the order is held until the funds clear, usually 3 days. With personal checks however, the item is held for 10 business days (two weeks) until the funds clear in their bank account

If paying by any method but credit card, you should mail payment within 48 hours to their P.O. Box in Austin, Texas.

Note The Gold Coin Store does not accept credit card payments for gold bullion purchases as the fee charged by the credit card companies usually exceeds the margin on bullion.

American Gold Exchange Guarantee
American Gold Exchange provide for a 14-day return privilege for full refund (less shipping) on all classic U.S. coins dated pre-1933, except for “Specials”. However, this return privilege is automatically waived for any order paid 14 days or longer after the original order date.

“Specials” and European gold coins come with a 14-day replacement privilege only. Due to market fluctuation and the prices for these coins fluctuate directly with the gold market, American Gold Exchange will not offer refunds.

Modern bullion coins are sold as they come from the mint and there is no return available for them either.

American Gold Exchange Options and Features

Shipping is through registered insured US Mail. This means that, when your gold is delivered, it must be signed for. It will not be left unless a signature is obtained.

American Gold Exchange Trade In
American Gold Exchange will buy gold coins from you and re-sell them on their Trade-in Blow-out (TIBO) scheme.

American Gold exchange indicate on their site, "TIBOs are "liquidation coins" we're selling at dealer-to-dealer prices as a service to our customers. Especially for bulk gold and silver investors, these items are exceptional values because they're priced well below retail. Plus, classic U.S. coins generally provide a premium over bullion in rising gold and silver markets because of their scarcity and status as collectibles."

The Last Word on American Gold Exchange
The American Gold Exchange have been around for over 10 years and seem to operate by having a high turn over and small margin on their gold coins. The prices are reasonable and there is just about about any gold coin to satisfy any collector or gold coin numismatist.

If you have bought gold coins or any other coins from or, then please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any or complaints and special attention or service given by or

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