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Northwest Territorial Mint

IMPORTANT NOTICE 4th of April 2016 :

NW Territorial Mint Seeks Bankruptcy Protection


Northwest Territorial Mint is a supplier of precious metals such as
silver, gold, platinum, and palladium in bullion and coin form.

Who is Northwest Territorial Mint
Founded in 1984, Northwest Territorial Mint has become the largest
private mint in the United States, employing over 200 precious metals
specialists. As the company has grown over the years, so has the scope
of its operations. Its 118,000-square-foot state-of-the-art minting
facility is located in Dayton, Nevada, while the Bullion Sales
Division is located in Federal Way, Washington. Northwest Territorial
Mint also maintains locations in Green Bay, Wisconsin; Springfield,
Virginia; and at The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

Northwest Territorial Mint, in addition to supplying gold and silver
bullion, also designs and creates an impressive range of die-struck
coins, medallions, knives, and related products of high quality and
craftsmanship for individuals, private clubs and groups, businesses,
and government entities around the world, including all branches of
America's armed forces.

Northwest Territorial Mint is first and foremost, a mint. They have a
deep understanding of precious metals that most sellers of gold and
silver bullion simply do not possess. They make art, and produce
custom made dies and moulds. They not only melt silver, but pour it,
extrude it, blank it, and strike it on one of three-dozen coin
presses. Coins can be finished with enamel, antiquing, or polishing.

The wide ranging skill and capabilities of Northwest Territorial Mint
not only separate it from most gold and silver dealers, but make it
truly one of the most unique privately owned mints in the entire

Northwest Territorial Mint products are presented as unique awards,
bestowed as prestigious gifts, and enjoyed as one-of-a-kind keepsakes
and souvenirs.

Northwest Territorial Mint Customer Service
Northwest Territorial Mint (NWTM) maintains a comprehensive network of
resources enabling them to manage quick turnaround times in
manufacturing and meet client deadlines. NWTM is the largest private
full-service mint in the country with a reputation for consistent
quality and unmatched customer service.

NWTM state their shipping policy is to ship orders promptly and on
their website it states, "We pride ourselves on reputable service and
our integrity in the marketplace. We have no hidden charges or fees
and we would like to be your bullion dealer in the future, and work
hard to make that happen."

NWTM’s Buy-Back policy (also called a voluntary liquidation), ensures
you always have a market for your paid bullion orders. At any time
after you’ve fully paid your order, even if it’s before you’ve
received delivery of your bullion, you can sell your order back to
NWTM at the current market rate (posted on the NWTM website as its
“buy” price).

They do provide comprehensive information about gold and silver,
history and uses and so forth. One may apply request a free Investor

The NWTM bullion desk has a very extensive range of silver, gold,
palladium, and platinum products. These include the standard gold
coins you find from many other mints and dealers, such as:

American Gold Eagle
American Gold Buffalo
British Sovereigns
Canadian Maple Leaf Gold
Pre-1933 US Coins
Vienna Philharmonic
South African Krugerrand

Northwest Territorial Mint also sells a variety of gold bars including
trusted brands such as PAMP (Produits Artistiques de Métaux Précieux)
and Credit Suisse, as well as products hallmarked by the Royal
Canadian Mint. These are offered at a lower premium over the spot
price than gold bullion coins.

The consumer may purchase in quantity as small as 1g from the online
store, paying for shipping and insurance depending on the size of the
order; purchases in excess of five ounces of gold receive free
shipping and insurance, as well as quantity discounts. If you are
looking for a smaller quantity, you can go to their online store
however and buy one-ounce gold bars with a higher markup than the
'just above spot' five one-ounce gold bars. You should note that,
"Actual delivered product may be either the Swiss PAMP, Credit Suisse,
or JM bar." This is evidently dependent upon stocks available. Each
are equally good gold, of course.

Buy Silver from Northwest Territorial Mint
Northwest Territorial Mint also sell silver, of course, and do a range
of silver coins as well as silver bars and even 90% silver bags
(sometimes called junk silver).

The full range of silver products is as follows:

Pan American Bullion (silver rounds and silver bars)
Northwest Territorial Mint Bullion, such as silver rounds and silver
bars, and its “divisible” Stagecoach silver.
American Silver Eagle
Canadian Maple Leaf Silver
90% Silver Bags
Morgan Dollars
Peace Dollars
100 oz Silver Bars
1000 oz Silver Bars

The silver bars are Pan American bars, Northwest Territorial Mint
bars, or Stagecoach silver “divisible” bars with a clean finish and a
low over spot premium. In addition, 1000 oz. Johnson Matthey and 100
oz Johnson Matthey and Engelhard bars can be had.

There is a wide range of platinum and palladium coins, rounds and
bullion bars also.

Northwest Territorial Mint Payment Options
NWTM does not require that you sign up for an account before you can
buy gold, silver, palladium, or platinum from them. The price of the
gold is established prior to purchase by phone only, due to the
varying price of gold in the market, and this is then 'fixed' or

NWTM then expect funds to be issued to pay for the purchase prior to
shipping with all checks postmarked within 48 hours of placing the

For purchases from the Bullion Department, payment by checks is held
for 10 days before shipping, wire transfers which are considered good
by the following day, cashier’s checks and money orders both of which
are held for five days. Smaller online store purchases may be made
with credit card.

There is no charge for shipping, handling, and insurance on orders
meeting the Northwest Territorial Mint minimum. Smaller orders from
the online store carry the following charges:

• $10 for orders totaling less than $250
• $20 for orders of $250 to $400
• $30 for orders over $400

This is quite cheap for internal delivery in the US, especially for
higher valued gold and silver bullion. Of course higher charges will
be made for international deliveries.

As the NWTM Bullion Sales Division is located in Washington State they
are not required to collect any sales tax on order, good news for
those where sales tax is an issue.

The above payment options apply to all the following.

NWTM bullion prices
NWTM gold prices
NWTM silver prices
NWTM gold price
NWTM silver price
NWTM gold coin prices
NWTM palladium price
NWTM platinum price

Sell Gold to Northwest Territorial Mint
You can sell gold or silver to Northwest Territorial Mint and they
will pay a reasonable price, sometimes under spot. Its buy prices are
always posted on its website in real-time.

If you live in the area you can drive to their facility and sell on
the spot without any appointment. Otherwise you will have to ship the
gold or silver and you will then be responsible for shipping and
insurance costs.

On selling to Northwest Territorial Mint, they do point out, “We are
always looking for new inventory and do accept trade-ins."

Northwest Territorial Mint urges its customers to perform their own
research prior to making any purchase. Its representatives are not
paid on commission and provide information objectively. We
additionally recommend you consult with your own financial advisor
prior to making any transaction in gold or silver or palladium or

Again to sell to Northwest Territorial Mint you should ring first and
lock in your price before shipment.

It is well to keep in mind also that if you lock in a price and then
change your mind or do not ship the gold or silver or other precious
metal and there is a subsequent price difference in your favor you
will be expected by the mint to make up their short fall. This comes
under their Purchase Order Cancellation Policy.

An example of why it is always vital to read all the conditions and
terms of agreement with any company buying and selling gold through
the internet.

In any transaction with Northwest Territorial Mint you will receive a
transaction number which you should retain and be able to quote
anytime needed.

Northwest Territorial Mint Security
Northwest Territorial Mint states that they keep all transactions
confidential, and do not report to any 3rd parties, except to satisfy
government cash reporting requirements for dealers under federal

They also have a GSA contract (# GS-07F-0260L) and are a preferred
supplier to the government, primarily of medals, medallions and other

GSA stands for Goods and Services Administration and basically means
that that supplier has a contract to deliver goods or services to the

NWTM has been a preferred GSA provider since 2001.

The Last Word on Northwest Territorial Mint give, on their contact page, payment information,
phone numbers, postal and actual address and even a Google map to find
its bullion offices in WA, USA.

All in all Northwest Territorial Mint is a productive mint with a
contract to supply the government armed forces with a comprehensive
range of medals, medallions, commemorative coins, the usual supply of
gold coins and bars and standard silver coins and bars as well as
their own brand of silver coins.

They are members of the;

International Precious Metals Institute
American Numismatic Association
Industry Council for Tangible Assets
Washington Coin and Bullion Association

They have grown from being a tiny company to a large well established
manufacturing plant and are obviously here for the long term.

If you have bought gold or silver or any other precious metal from please feel free to leave your feedback on the
quality of service and products

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Anonymous said...

Have been a customer of NWTM for 10 years. Excellent service and immediate wire transfer on selling. Buying was timely and have purchased Maple Leafs, Krugerrands and Vienna Philharmonic 1 oz gold coins along with 1 oz Silver Coins produced at NWTM in Auburn WA. I live close to the mint and it is an outstanding first class facility. The commerative coins for business or other commemerations are exquisite and reasonably priced for office anniversaries or military or police or fire departments. I recommend NW Territorial Mint highly and have always been satisfied with my transactions.

John S. Jarstad, M.D.
Medical Director
Evergreen Eye Centers