Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boston Bullion

Who are Before you buy gold from it is a good idea to read this write up and find out more about them and what their gold price is.

Who Are Boston Bullion
Boston Bullion are a gold and silver coin dealer resident at 22 Mill St Ste 108 Arlington, MA 02476 USA. They are open from 9:00am to 5:00pm ET all trading days.

Boston Bullion Customer Service
Boston Bullion state that orders paid with wire transfer are shipped within 2 days and would be expected to arrive within a week. Any orders paid for by check or money order will be held for 10 days before shipment. Once the check has cleared, the order is shipped directly.

All their products are sold as bullion so they do not expect returns. They state, "All of our products are sold as bullion so there should be no reason for returns. If for some reason you are unhappy with your order please call us within three days of receipt and we will do everything we can to make it right. Otherwise all sales are final." So there is no 30 day returns policy.

Boston Bullion Product Range has an extensive range of products including silver and platinum as well as gold. The prices are quite comparable to other gold dealers in the market place.

Some of their products include:
Silver Bar 100 oz
Silver Eagle 1 oz
Silver Coins (90%) Bag
Silver Round 1 oz
1 oz Palladium Bar
1 oz Gold Coins
Buffalo Gold 1 oz
Eagle Gold 1 oz
Maple Gold 1 oz
Krugerrand Gold 1 oz
Philharmonic Gold 1 oz
Kangaroo Gold 1 oz
Panda Gold 1 oz
Sovereign Gold .2354 oz
French Franc Gold .1867 oz
Swiss Franc Gold .1867 oz
50 Peso Gold 1.2 oz
Eagle Gold 1/2 oz
Eagle Gold 1/4 oz
Eagle Gold 1/10 oz
Pamp Suisse Gold Bars
1 oz Gold Bar
10 oz Gold Bar
100 gram Gold Bar
Special mention should also be made of the Australian Perth Mint Lunar Gold Coin Series. feature a full range of the Australian Lunar gold coins The gold prices will vary of course, depending on the spot price of gold on the day.

Few US dealers sell these, so for collectors of the series this is an excellent source of the Lunar Gold Coin Series.

They sell the series in full.
1996 Mouse Gold 1 oz
1997 Ox Gold 1 oz
1998 Tiger Gold 1 oz
1999 Rabbit Gold 1 oz
2000 Dragon Gold 1 oz
2001 Snake Gold 1 oz
2002 Horse Gold 1 oz
2003 Goat Gold 1 oz
2004 Monkey Gold 1 oz
2005 Rooster Gold 1 oz
2006 Dog Gold 1 oz
2007 Pig Gold 1 oz
2008 Mouse Gold 1 oz
Boston Bullion Payment Options
Due to the changing value of precious metals on a day by day basis the gold prices shown are an indication only and not the final gold price when ordering.

A Brokerage fee of 0.5% to 3.0% is added to orders depending on quantity but shipping for US orders of 5 ounces gold or more is free.

Boston Bullion will accept credit card orders for orders up to $5,000. but will then charge an additional fee of 3% when using this payment method.

Ordering is a simple matter of phoning and place an order with the consultant and getting the details to pay by bank wire.

It is recommended when you get the bank wire instruction that it is sent in writing, either by post or email rather than accept over the phone so you have a written record.

The price paid for the gold is that price set when the order is placed by phone. The price is then "fixed" and will not change regardless of any subsequent market fluctuations. It is a prudent idea to write down all the details when you make the call including the time and date of the call and the price fixed.

All payments must be postmarked within 24 hours of order confirmation. All orders are shipped registered priority mail, fully insured with a signature required from the recipient.

There are, incidentally, NO sales taxes on out of state orders or Massachusetts bullion purchases larger than $1,000.

It is well worth noting that if payment is not received in a timely fashion (postmarked in 24 hours, received in 5 days), Boston bullion state that the order will be offset with an identical buy. They will "re-buy your items from you at our then current buy price". This means that if the price of the gold or bullion has dropped during the intervening period the person ordering is billed the difference or "will be required to pay any discrepancy from market losses" but "You will not be entitled to any proceeds from market gains." This prevents people abusing the system by buying low and selling high to Boston bullion without actually spending any funds.

Last Word on Boston Bullion
Boston Bullion will also buy gold. Usually at around 3 percent below the spot price at the time of purchase. Coins must be in original mint packaging with no tampering.

Boston Bullion do not offer any storage or finance arrangements.

If you have bought any gold coins or gold bullion from Boston Bullion, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any Boston Bullion on line complaints and special attention or service given by Boston Bullion.

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