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USA Gold

This write up of USA Gold explains who USA Gold actually are and what they deal in and is worth reading before you buy gold from www.usagold.com

Who Are USA Gold
USA GOLD Centennial Precious Metals are a Gold, Silver & Platinum Dealers based in Denver, Colorado USA. The original starting date is credited by the Better Business Bureau as being 1973.

The business went online as www.usagold.com in 1998 with a couple of pages and a very few gold coins and a order form. Since then it has steadily grown to be one of the biggest gold dealers in the US. The President, Michael Kosares is well known as a prolific author and gold commentator expounding the virtues of owning gold and other precious metals. They are also expanding into the European market with facilities and sales available to most European countries.

USA Gold Customer Service
You can place small orders online and there is a shopping cart that can be used.

You can also place a call 4:00am - 7:00pm (U.S. Mountain Time) Monday - Friday and maybe speak to either Michael Kosares, the President himself, or to four other consultants about what you would like to order. The consultants are generally very helpful and will guide you through to a purchase painlessly and with a minimum of fuss.

Usagold.com place a lot of emphasis on gold information and education and there is plenty on the usagold.com site to help a new person buying gold or buying silver.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates them as 'Satisfactory' and gives them one gold star.

USA Gold Product Range
USAGold have a very extensive and prolific product range of gold coins, silver coins, gold and silver bars. The range includes all the usual American, Australian, Canadian, South African gold coins as well as China, Mexico, Argentina and many other countries.

Here is a list of the precious metal coins currently available.
American Buffalo gold bullion coins
Australia Kangaroo gold bullion coins
Austria Philharmonic gold bullion coins
Canada Maple Leaf gold bullion coins
South Africa Krugerrand gold bullion coins
United States Eagle gold bullion coins
Chinese Panda gold bullion coins
Mexico 50 pesos gold bullion coins
Argentina 5 pesos gold coin (Argentino)
Austria trade ducat gold coin
Belgium 20 francs gold coin (Leopold)
Brazil 10000 reis gold coin (Pedro II)
Brazil 20000 reis gold coin (Pedro II)
Chile gold coin (100 pesos)
Colombian 5 pesos gold coin (Simon Bolivar)
Denmark 20 kroner gold coin ('Mermaid')
Finland 20 markkaa gold coin
France 20 francs gold coin (Louis Philippe)
France 20 francs gold coin (Ceres)
France 20 francs gold coin (Napoleon III)
France 20 francs gold coin (Angel)
France 20 francs gold coin (Rooster)
Germany 20 marks gold coin (Wilhelm I)
Germany 20 marks gold coin (Wilhelm II)
Hungary 20 korona gold coin (Franz Joseph)
Great Britain Sovereign gold coin (Young Victoria)
Great Britain Sovereign gold coin (Jubilee)
Great Britain Sovereign gold coin (Veil Victoria)
Great Britain Sovereign gold coin (Edward, George)
Italy 20 lira gold coin (Vittorio Emanuele II)
Italy 20 lira gold coin (Umberto I)
Mexico 5 pesos gold coin
Mexico 10 pesos gold coin (Miguel Hidalgo)
Mexico 20 pesos gold coin
Mexico 50 pesos gold coin
the Netherlands trade ducat gold coin
the Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin (Willem)
the Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin (Young Wilhelmina)
the Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin (Wilhelmina)
the Netherlands 10 guilders gold coin (Elder Wilhelmina)
Peruvian One Libra gold coin
Russia 10 roubles gold coin (Nicholas II)
Sweden 20 kronor gold coin (Oscar II)
Switzerland 20 francs gold coin (Confederation Helvetica)
Switzerland 20 francs gold coin (Helvetia)
Tunisia 20 francs gold coin
Uruguay 5 pesos gold coin
United States $5 gold coin (Liberty)
United States $5 gold coin (Indian)
United States $10 gold coin (Liberty)
United States $10 gold coin (Indian)
United States $20 gold coin (Liberty)
United States $20 gold coin (St. Gaudens)
Graded U.S. $20 gold pieces, U.S. silver dollars
Graded U.S. Liberty $20 gold piece
Graded U.S. St. Gaudens $20 gold piece
In addition usagold.com carries a range of Gold Bullion Bars of various types and sizes including.
1 oz. Metalor and PAMP
10 oz. Metalor and PAMP (with cert)
KILO Bars (32.15 oz.) (w/o cert)
0.98 oz. Austrian/Hungarian 100 Corona
1.2056 oz. Mexican 50 Peso
The gold bars size range include: 1 troy ounce, 10 oz., 1 kilo, 100 oz., 400 oz., etc. Bars originate from such refineries as: PAMP, Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey and the fineness of all gold bars ranges from .995 to .9999 pure gold

The gold prices of usagold.com gold coins and gold bars compares well to many other dealers. The bars are particularly well priced.

USAGold Payment Options
USAGold accepts the usual credit card, Visa, Amex, MasterCard and Discover. However there is, understandably a maximum that can be purchased with a credit card and that is $10,000 USD. And that is for US orders only.

For larger orders other payment arrangements would be made, including bank wires and bank to bank transfers.

All payments would need to clear before delivery of the gold is begun.

USAGold also pay shipping and insurance expenses for online coin orders larger than $2000. For coin orders totaling less than $2000, a $35 shipping and handling fee will be charged to the customer.

Gold bullion is available by phone only and is not eligible for free shipping.

Delivery is usually 15-20 business days by US Postal Service or FedEx, insured and with a signature required.

USAGold also offer discount pricing available on volume orders and on payment by check or bank wire. This has to be arranged by phone however.

There is no return policy, all sales are final.

USA Gold Security
www.usagold.com use a shopping cart which is fully secured by a 128bit Secure Server. They have a privacy statement also.

USA Gold Options and Features
USAGold offer U.S. gold depository accounts for clients who prefer secure, fully-insured storage in the United States. This mostly applies to overseas transactions and customers.

USAGold is expanding to serve clients in the following counties, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

The Last Word on USA Gold
Michael Kosares, Founder and President of USAGold, is the guiding force behind USAGold. He spends a lot of time writing about and promoting the concepts of owning gold in these uncertain times, as well as running the business of www.usagold.com.

If you have bought any gold coins or gold bullion from www.usagold.com, please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any www.usagold.com online complaints and special attention or service given by www.usagold.com online.

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