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Colorado Gold

It is a good idea to read this write up about Colorado Gold prior to buying gold or silver from them.

Also it is generally a wise move to do some due diligence on any gold dealer and the more information you have about a company, especially when you have to buy online or by phone, before you buy, the better.

Who are Colorado Gold
Colorado Gold are a gold coin dealer based in Montrose, CO, USA.

Their website,, has been online since December 2000. This is a small family business with Don Stott, and his son David Stott. Don Stott has been a precious metals broker since November 1977 and has written a number of books, articles and newspaper columns published in a number of magazines. He is also active in local community affairs according to the website.

Colorado Gold Customer Service
They are open from 8AM to 4PM, Mountain Time, only and as a small family business do not run a 24 hour service with consultants on the phone 24 hours a day.

Colorado Gold state they are not a coin shop, but a broker, just like any other stock-broker but dealing in actual gold and other precious metal bullion. They buy through A-Mark, a precious metals trading company, charge a 1.5 percent commission for their services include shipping. For orders over $35,000 they charge 1.5 percent, and on orders of $75,000 or more, three quarters percent.

The prices on the web site, are the prices they pay. So when you place an order they will issue a trade number and that purchase price is locked in at that time. This is not unusual for an activity such as this where the value of the gold can change rapidly.

Colorado record all calls and these calls are used in any potential disputes over price.

Colorado Gold do not take orders for less than 10 ounces of gold or 1000 ounces of silver in any one order.

Colorado Gold state they do not keep any records on computer and they do not call clients, clients have to call them if they want anything or have any queries or questions or issues.

Colorado Gold Products

Colorado Gold charge a small percentage over the spot price for all precious metals. They are one of the cheapest available. However bear in mind that the minimum order for gold is 10 ounces and for silver 1000 ounces. This then makes it worthwhile for Colorado Gold to stay in business.
Gold Coins and Bars
Credit Suisse 1 oz bars
Krugerrands 1 oz.
Canadian Maple Leafs
Philharmonics, and
Mex 50's (1.2057 oz)

Silver Coins and Bars
Canadian Silver Maple Leafs
Mexican Libertads) "Bag" U.S
US Silver Eagles -
Johnson Matthey. 1,000 oz bars (none exactly 1,000 ounces.)

Platinum Coins and Bars
Platinum Eagles all sizes,
1 oz Credit Suisse Palladium bars
1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coins
10 oz Credit Suisse Palladium bars.

Colorado Gold Payment Options

Payments are accepted by wire transfer, personal check, or cashier's check. No credit cards or cash is accepted. All checks are given five working days to clear, including cashier's checks or money orders,

They only deal with US clients, no overseas or international.

Sell Gold to Colorado Gold

You can sell back to Colorado Gold also but only the products they sell. You will be responsible for the shipping however.

They state they will buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with acceptable hallmarks. At no charge if the items were originally bought from Colorado Gold, otherwise there is a one percent charge and you pay for the shipping.

Last Word on Colorado Gold
Colorado Gold also state, “We can place precious metals in your IRA account if you wish, and if you wish to turn your thousand ounce silver contract bars into smaller sizes for you to hold personally, we can do that as well, with no charge for this, other than the 1.5% for your purchase of smaller size items. We do not deal in stocks, paper currencies, or numismatics, which we consider a first rate rip-off. If you want a rare coin, don't call us. If you want a rare coin or coins, we think you should re-consider, but that's up to you.”

If you have bought gold or any other precious metal from please feel free to leave your feedback on the quality of service and products including any complaints, or special attention or service given by

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